The Cosmic Hand Nebula

in Cassiopeia

Cosmic Hand Nebula
Éder Iván

The Cosmic Hand or often called Helping Hand Nebula is a dark and reflection nebula complex located in Cassiopeia. This target is very faint and not easy to photograph.

I started to collect the data in 2020, but had no enough time to finish. One year later I spent 2 another night for it, ended up with 28 hours of data.

Catalogue numbers are: The reflexion nebula is vdB 9, dark nebulas are LDN1352, LDN1353, LDN1355, LDN1358.

Image details

300/1200 Newton, 3" Wynne (1130mm effective focal length)
QSI 683 WSG-8, LRGB filters and ZWO ASI2600MM Pro
Fornax 51 + Boxdörfer DynoStar
Exposure time, filters:
28 hours LRGB
Location, date:
Ágasvár, Mount Mátra, 2020. Törökkoppány, 2021, Hungary
Observing conditions:
Transparency: 6 - 8/10, Seeing: 5 - 6/10
ImagesPlus, Registar, Pixinsight LE, Photoshop

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