Observing sites

where the astro images are taken

Ágasvár - Mount Mátra, Hungary

Ágasvár guest house

Matra is the highest mountain in Hungary, located about 100km East from the capital city Budapest. Highest peak is Kékes with 1014m altitude. Ágasvár is a tourist house in the forest at 640m above sea level, where there is a big field ideal for observing near to the buildings. It can be reach by 2 hours driving from Budapest (permission is needed for the last 6 kms). We can get accomodation and delicious meal up there.

There is no local light pollution, so sky darkness is pretty good, about 21.1m-21.4m. However you can see some light pollution on the horizon. Seeing is variable, can be good and bad as well, depending on the weather. Wind can also be a problem, since there is no protection for the telescopes on the observing field.

This place is my favourite observing site in Hungary since 1999. It is quite close to my home, gives pretty good sky, there is comfortable accomodation and delicious meal.
Astro images from Ágasvár

CCD-zés 2013 tavaszán
CCD imaging in 2013
2008 december vége, -12 fok
December 30, 2008, -12 °C
Ágasvári éjszaka, 2007 június.
Summer night, June, 2007
Felhők felett Ágasvár csúcsán
Above the clouds
A 300-as Newton az M81-82 fotózása közben 2011 tavaszán
M81-82 and IFN project with 12" Newton, spring, 2011

Namibia - farm Hakos

Hakos farm

Namibia is a wonderful country located in the Southwestern region of Africa. It is a great place for stargazing, it is quite popular among European amateur astronomers. Hakos is one of the farms which deal with astro-tourism, located at Gamsberg Pass, 2.5 hours driving or 130km away from the capital city Windhoek.

The nature is amazing. From the farm house you have a wonderful view to the Hakos Mountains and into the Namib Desert. At elevation of 1835m, and far from any population it gives perfectly dark skies with no light pollution. Climate is dry from May to September, so I can expect more than 90% clear nights during the stay. 

I have been visited the farm from 2010 for many times. Each stay lasted 2 weeks, so I collected a lot of images of the Southern beauties. Most of them still waiting for processing or publishing - stay tuned. :)
There is a link below to the gallery of the Namibian astro images.

Astro images from Namibia

Esti Tejút, Namíbia
View of the Milky Way in June
200/710 Newton, Namibia 2012
The 200mm astrograph in 2012...
A 200-as asztrográf 2014-ben
...and in 2014
Gamsberg Hakosról
Gamsberg Plateau seen from Hakos