Seahorse Nebula

LDN 1150, LDN 1155 (part of LBN 468) in Cepheus

Seahorse Nebula
Éder Iván

It happened many years ago, that I noticed these extraordinary shapes in my freshly taken widefield image of LBN 468 dark nebula complex. The peculiar creatures really catched my attention. This was the point, when I decided to take a more detailed picture of the dark nebulas catalogued as LDN 1150 and LDN 1155 neighbouring the Iris Nebula.

Many years later, in 2013 the 12" telescope and the newly purchased CCD camera provided an ideal field of view for the small object, so I started to work on the project. Shooting the faint sky-seahorses needed long exposure time, I had to return to the object from year to year to collect the data needed. I ended up with about 25 hours exposure time, using LRGB filters.

Image details

300/1200 Newton, 3" Wynne-corrector (1130mm effective focal length)
QSI 683 WSG-8, LRGB filters
Fornax 51 + Boxdörfer DynoStar
Off axis, Lacerta-MGen autoguider + Mgen2Maxim
Exposure time, filters:
25 hours LRGB
Location, date:
Ágasvár, (Mount Mátra), Hungary; several nights from 2013 to 2017.
Observing conditions:
Transparency: 5 - 7/10, Seeing: 5 - 6/10
ImagesPlus, Registar, Pixinsight LE, Photoshop

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