LBN 468 and PV Cephei (Gyulbudaghian's Nebula, HH215)

at the border of Cepheus and Draco

LBN 468 and PV Cephei (Gyulbudaghian's Nebula, HH215)
Éder Iván

A PV Cephei and Gyulbudaghian's Nebula (HH 215):

Gyulbudaghian's variable Nebula (link) is a bipolar reflection nebula. It is similar to the famous Hubble's Variable Nebula (NGC 2261, Monoceros) (link) . The nebula, that changes its shape and luminosity too, discovered by Armen Gyulbudaghian Russian astronomer in 1977. This nebula is generated by shock waves from a contracting protostar, PV cephei. The bipolar structure is barely visible at the left side of PV cep, it is shaded by the dark dust clouds. Unfortunately the brighter part of the nebula was also very faint at the date of imaging. A few weeks or months later it could be brighter again.

Image details

200/750 Newton, 3" Wynne (710mm effective focal length)
Home-modified Canon EOS 5DmkII
Fornax 51 + Boxdörfer DynoStar
72/500 refractor, SBIG St-4
Exposure time, filters:
88x5 min ISO 1600-on
Location, date:
Ágasvár (Mount Matra), Hungary;  2009.07.16-23.
Observing conditions:
Transparency: 6 - 8/10, Seeing: 2 - 7/10, Temperature: +9 - +22°C
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