Stargate - IC410

Starbirth region of IC410

Stargate - IC410
Éder Iván

The material of the star region IC 410 is blown up like a bubble by the young stars located in the center, and as a result these spectacular curves and shapes are formed.The two famous tadpole-like formations are much denser than their surroundings, so the stellar wind could not yet blow them apart, but only eroded them.These globules are consisting of dust and gas, inside which stars are born.The false-color (Hubble palette) image was created using narrowband filters.

Image details

300/1200 Newton, 3" Wynne-corrector (1130mm effective focal length)
ASI2600MM Pro, Ha, SII, OIII filters
Fornax 51 + Boxdörfer DynoStar
Exposure time, filters:
48 hours total
Location, date:
Budakalász (Hungary), during December 2021 - January 2022
Observing conditions:
Transparency: 3 - 4/10, Seeing: 5 - 6/10
ImagesPlus, Registar, Photoshop, Taken from light polluted suburban location

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