NGC 4725, 4747 and 4712 galaxies

in Coma Berenices

NGC 4725, 4747 and 4712 galaxies
Éder Iván

Below you can see a detailed crop of NGC 4725 and 4712 duo in 60% size of the original resolution:

Below you can see the tail of the NGC 4747 galaxy:

Image details

300/1200 Newton, Paracorr (1370mm effective focal length)
Home-modified Canon EOS 5DmkII
Fornax 51 + Boxdörfer DynoStar
72/500 refractor, SBIG St-4
Exposure time, filters:
30x5 min, @ ISO 800
Location, date:
Ágasvár (Mount Matra), Hungary;  2009.05.23.
Observing conditions:
Transparency: 6/10, Seeing: 5/10, Temperature: +9°C
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