NGC 7479 galaxy and SN 2009jf supernova

in Pegasus

NGC 7479 galaxy and SN 2009jf supernova
Éder Iván

A bright supernova outburst occured during the 4 days imaging of this galaxy. You can see an animation of the explosion. Image acquisition made by Gabor Szitkay well before the discovery of the SN. Image processing by Ivan Eder.

Image details

406/2050 Newton, Baader MPCC coma corrector
modified Canon EOS 30D
Fornax 100
off-axis, Orion SSAG
Exposure time, filters:
115x5 min, ISO 800
Location, date:
Nyúl, Hungary ;  2009.09.22-26.
Observing conditions:
Transparency: 6/10, Seeing: 5 - 6/10, Temperature: +18°C
Iris, Registar, Photoshop, Neat Image

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